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What information do we collect and hold?

We collect and hold your information when you register/subscribe to our service. We do not and will not share your info with any third party. If we were, we would only do so after a specific asking notification to you, and receiving an affirmative response from you.

What do we use this information for?

Because of the direct interactivity between only registrants (Agents/Brokers and underwriters), 99% of this information is used for the functionality of the site users.

We do from time to time use the aggregate information of the user population to either improve the user’s experience (site ease of use), collection of user’s suggestions, or to improve our vision of who in the market may not be using our site and what can we do to better engage that group. Lastly, we may execute email out to you the user of upcoming changes or site events.

How do we protect your information?

We use a series of security measures and algorithms when you execute a subscription transaction. We provide the use of a secure server. All sensitive credit card info is transmitted via a SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology and directly entered into our payment gateway’s encrypted database so as to execute the card transaction. We do not collect or hold any credit card information internally during your subscription purchase transaction.

Do we disclose any of this provided info to 3rd parties?

Absolutely not – We do not sell, trade or transmit your information except to those on the other side of the P&C market that are registrants, or to anyone who is directly involved in the development, improvement, or maintenance of this site. These assisting parties have each signed Confidentiality Agreements in keeping with our privacy standards.

Do we use Cookies?

No, because this site is dedicated to a closed community of Property & Casualty only users, and because you provide us your contact info in the subscription registration process, we do not at this time see the need to use cookies to “track” or “view” our users. If this were to change, we would indicate such change here in the future.

3rd Party Links

We may at our discretion choose to present to site registrants advertisements or direct links to other sites we deem valuable to you. We expressly have and accept no responsibility or liability from the content of their sites. Because we seek to maintain the credibility and integrity of our site, we have performed a review of their site so as to protect you from any undesirables. Of course we welcome any feedback you may have in regards to any of the linked sites content acceptability.