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How does this web site work?Collapse

  • Agents/Brokers post their accounts to be marketed online. The accounts are posted for underwriters to review. Agents will input a minimal (but critical) amount of account and risk data that helps the underwriter quickly determine his/her interest the risk.

How does an underwriter view the postings?

  • Underwriters will establish filters that drive our search engine to help them find accounts that match their underwriting appetite and guidelines. Once an underwriter likes a particular account or risk, they then communicate their interest directly back to the Agent/Broker via the site’s communication function.

Does this replace Submissions or take the place of underwriting?

  • No. after underwriters have conveyed their positive interest, the agent and the underwriter will have their normal “tell me more” about the risk. This of course further clarifies if sending a Submission to this underwriter is the right thing to do – and typically they will be. As the site’s name suggests, it is an intelligent way to find who has interest in which account. It’s an electronic funnel. The Submission and the underwriting process are not deleted it’s just that those occur now with a group of more interested underwriters via a quicker determination.

Can Agents/Brokers specify which market segments they wish to display the risk to? (Admitted, E&S, London, etc)

  • Yes, they can select any or all underwriting segments they wish to see their postings. They can change that group of viewers at any time depending on the results they are getting from the market.

Is there anyone that would not benefit from using this site?

  • No, all agents, brokers and underwriting facilities will find it very useful, cost reducing, and extends their geographic reach into more opportunities.

How might this change the way our industry does business besides now online?

  • More underwriters will see more deals, and more deals will be seen by more underwriters. Insured’s will now know their account has been viewed in a national marketplace. Some underwriting facilities may use new or different distribution channels. New relationships will be forged online. Location of underwriters and location of deals is now much less important.

Is there a cost to using this system?

  • No, it is free of charge at this time.

Any other comments?

  • This site has been designed to be "of the market, for the market, and by the market".

What do you mean by that?

  • This is a P&C community market site - to be modified, molded, or shaped by you the users over time. Currently the site contains about 20 different coverages available, but your input will provide an ever expanding range of coverages, content and functions. As a registered subscriber, we ask you to provide us ongoing feedback on what this site needs to make you more productive, and this insurance market more efficient.

What coverages are currently available to site users for posting and review?

Property Excess Property Quota Share Prop. Boiler & Mach. Builders Risk
Inland Marine Ocean Cargo Comm Pkg. GL / Auto / WC GL
Automobile Workers Comp Umbrella Excess Umb / Liab. D&O mono
EPL mono D&O/EPL Professional Liab Misc. E&O Environmental

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