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about youWhy Use Us - A Solution to Future Marketing Success

Commercial P&C Marketing gets technology facelift via new online platformCollapse

Commercial P&C Insurance industry trends point to an increasing decline in industry knowledge and operating wisdom over the next 5 to 10 years. Future marketing success will be with those companies that adopt new technology enabled business processes.

Today, our industry is experiencing reduced client values, market participants with waning financial results, and an unprecedented age imbalance of those 55+. These issues point to your need for more efficient and cost effective ways to conduct business in 2010 and beyond. One inefficient business function that can really benefit from improvement is Marketing.

Marketing’s current state - Marketing, from either the underwriting or the agent/broker side is a huge knowledge and labor occupying function. It is time consuming, inefficient, imprecise and as a largely manual process, it needs a good dose of technology.

Not all underwriting facilities (MGA’s, E&S directs, wholesalers, Bermuda, London, etc) are known to all agents/brokers, so most deals are done with the “usual suspects”. Agents/Brokers are always seeking new underwriting interest for their more challenging accounts. Effective marketing candidates are not easy to find, and many agencies are not as well marketing staffed as they need to be. Technology can be the answer.

Conversely, insuring entities seldom know where new “live” opportunities are without a series of time consuming agency visits. This is expensive, especially for those at great distances. Marketing methods of dialing, driving, visiting, chasing, spending, and polluting are so old school and can’t continue much longer.

Effective Marketing requires a working knowledge of all market participants on the other side of the transaction. But as the entities or individuals change, that market knowledge base shifts. We also believe there are many more underwriting alternatives to your Marketing efforts than just those you know or currently do business with. This “other world” of alternatives usually reveals itself on deals in a region far from yours. Players you don’t know suddenly appear. They solve the same problem you have, and you didn’t know they even existed.

The is dedicated to agents & brokers finding a broader underwriting audience for their deals, and for all insuring entities to have access to more deals. Non-admitteds will find this a market for new connections on a national basis. Admitteds will find this a more precise, efficient, and frictionless way to triage their agency plant’s offerings.

From the matches of interest made in this electronic market, all will move to the submission and quote process with much more qualified partners.

How Agents & Brokers become more Marketing effective will help Agents & Brokers that:

  • only have a small number of market options available
  • wish to shorten the Marketing timeline especially on the front end
  • need a quick assessment of market interest in a particular risk
  • wish to reduce their Marketing workload and improve their results
  • agree making tons of Marketing phone calls is not smarter than a 3 min. online posting
  • acknowledge broadcast submissions only get to 45% of the available market
  • want their risks to be seen by a national underwriting audience
  • want more contacts in the MGA, MGU, E&S direct, London, Bermuda and wholesaler market
  • realize relying on their current set of contacts alone will not always carry the day
  • are Marketing a risk domiciled in another region of the country
  • are competing with an agent domiciled in another region of the country
  • are seeking property or casualty capacity
  • want to be ready if a firmer market arrives

A daunting demographic tsunami coming, no group untouched

2010 - 32.8% of industry is 55+ 2015 - 37.9% of industry is 55+
2010 - 52.2% of industry is 50+ 2015 - 58.5% of industry is 50+

Boomers (55-65) will leave in the largest numbers in our industry’s history. Little hiring has occurred in the past 3 years to backfill. The pool of 20 yr olds is 55% the size of the Boomers leaving. Boomers will leave the workplace in the next few years due to:

• Burn out • Lay-offs • Health problems
• Family issues • Exit or succession plans • Retirement eligible

Executives, managers, producers, agency principals, Sr. AE’s and Sr. Underwriters are mainly in this Boomers group leaving. A large amount of technical skills, market knowledge, and operating wisdom will leave rapidly in the next few years.

MiddleGen (35-54) is left holding the bag – with diminishing mentors, and very different working and communicating subordinates. McKinsey study says most grads find insurance “unexciting” and “not sexy”. If MiddleGen can hire them, TechGen (20-34) will not market deals like we do today. They’ve been raised in technology, and live a totally technology life. A TechGen born in 1990 (20 today) has been online for 10 yrs now.

The MiddleGen will swell as the industry’s largest group. MiddleGen and TechGen must have productivity tools. Only technology is the equalizer between these generational groups and their different thinking, knowledge bases, and work methods. MiddleGen will need technology tools for survival, and TechGen will demand them as their norm. New younger clients will expect nothing less than a technology based effort from you. is the technology solution to get you, your firm, and our industry out in front of this demographic “wave” coming at us.

Who We AreCollapse

We are a technology firm dedicated to the advancement of the commercial Property & Casualty marketplace online. Our knowledge base comes from 30+ years experience in the underwriting, brokerage, management, processes, and data base worlds.

Having long participated in the P&C industry from both sides of the Marketing process, we see Marketing today as more inefficient, imprecise and ill refined than it needs to be. We believe technology applied can refine the Marketing process for both sides of the pursuit.

We have observed that not all underwriting entities that should see an account do see that account. Many client presentations hold only one quote when the insured would like to see more, but the agent’s sphere of contacts is finite. We believe a national electronic market will present more options available to all agents, underwriting entities, and insureds. All can benefit from a more open, transparent, and efficient marketplace than we have right now, which is largely dependent on existing connections and contacts.

Our Mission StatementCollapse

To provide a national online commercial Property & Casualty marketplace that helps agents/brokers and underwriting facilities find each other quickly on live opportunities, make a quick determination of underwriting interest, and express that interest back to the agent/broker, regardless of their distance or prior relationship.